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Ghillie Parka-Woodland

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    Ghillie Parka-Woodland by Kombat Tactical. For the more actively bushy players among you as apposed to those who ONLY play sniper. The ghillie parka provides the perfect camouflage for woodland environments whilst still enabling the wearer to full mobility. It also comes with a handy carry bag with compression straps so if you decide mid-match that you wanna change tactics, you are free to do as you please. Just whip the parka off, in the bag, job done!Not only limited ti mil-sim, this ghillie parka makes a great addition to any hunter or birdwatchers collection.
    • Burlap style camouflage netting parka
    • Fully adjustable knee length ghillie parka with hood
    • 1 x compression/carry bag