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Delta fast mag-Double-Coyote

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Delta fast mag-Double-Coyote by Kombat Tactical. These airsoft pistol magazine pouches are all about TWO things(well actually 3 when you throw quality in the mix). Speed and concentration( in the space saving sense... not revision for your 11+). They are designed to be as compact as possible whilst not sacrificing security for your precious, precious mags.Whilst we're on mags, the pouch may seen small but the design means that the overhanging mag can be grabbed and loaded alot faster than those with full coverage. They can also be attached to drop leg platforms using molle, probably in their doubles so you got that bit of extra beef when you need it, or if you can't access ammo mounted on the front of your assault vest.


• Open top for fast access
• Leather anti-slip fast tab
• Adjustable bungee tensioner
• Same body molle tabs
• Molle rear fixings
• Fits a wide variety of magazines
• Made from 600D Tac-Poly
• Dimensions: 12 x 19 x 3cm












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