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Defender Pack 60ltr

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    Defender Pack 60ltr-BTP by Kombat Tactical. Now where DO we start with this one? This tactical assault pack REALLY IS something else. "Yeah, yeah, blah,blah", you say, "it's just another camo backpack". But it's not....far from it. It may be difficult to see from the pictures but just zoom in and you'll see the extra zips, side pockets, not to mention the REMOVABLE helmet carrier(point 1) with added carry strap to use as a small recon style bag if needed, and this is just the OUTSIDE! INSIDE you'll find a number of compartments and partitions most notably to keep your comms gear in, but these of course can be used for any number of items. There are also TWO aqua bladder hydration pockets so you can keep yourself well hydrated when on the move. All of these internal features you will just have to take our word on as having photographed images of the inside just WOULD NOT WORK! Aside from these features, the external side pockets(point 2) have elasticated drawstring for fast,easy access, and the mesh back panel(point 3) has a 270 degree fast access zip so you locate all items buried at the bottom of your pack without rummaging and fumbling through the top. Oh yeah, and it's all molle too!
    • 3-Day assault pack
    • Internal radio pockets/partition areas
    • 2 x aqua bladder hydration pockets
    • Easily demountable front helmet hammock area with molle platform and Velcro molle ID panel
    • 2 x side pockets with spring toggle fasteners
    • Rear back panel which can be unzipped by 270 degrees allowing rapid access to the in-side of the pack
    • Detachable molle waist belt with added internal stiffener 
    • Full molle same body material webbing is on the front of the demountable pack and also the front and sides of the pack which means complete compatibility with all Kombat tactical molle pouches and accessories
    • Made from 600D Tac-Poly
    • Dimensions: 52 x 30 x 18cm











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