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Commander Pack 70ltr

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    Commander Pack 70ltr in BTP by Kombat Tactical. "Blah,blah,blah, but it's just another camo rucksack". It's not though is it? We certainly know that ,and read on just a little more and you'll know it too. How often have you taken off your helmet after exercise or CQB..the cool breeze making the hot sweat on your hair feel so fresh. The sun is starting to dip over the horizon,sausages are on the menu and your forging friendships that seem like they'll last forever. The shaking,tired legs are worth it just to the feel the relief when you can finally sit down. Considering the moment,things are perfect. Everything.... is perfect......APART FROM THAT BLOODY HELMET THAT KEEPS BANGING INTO YOUR LEG BECAUSE YOU'VE GOT IT HOOKED ONTO THE SIDE OF YOUR BELT! Worry NO MORE!
    The Commander pack has a built in helmet hammock so you can stash it away when not in use,and still have it there if you need to make a dash for it. The internal sunglasses pocket does the same thing! The dimensions of it make it perfect for weekend exercise or a mini break(approximately the length of your knee to the floor if you're 6ft!). The whole thing is also molle so you can attch extra pouches to it and increase your load carrying capability. You'll notice that point 2 has been marked. This indicates the rear zipped utility compartment( don't put eggs in there!). The inside also features one large compartment so you can really stuff your bulky kit in,then use the generous side pocket and front utility compartment for the items you need fast access to(like toilet roll if the sausages aren't cooked properly!). Images will just not do this bag justice.
    • Large 70 litre pack with same body molle platforms
    • Front utility pouch
    • Helmet carrier/hammock
    • 2 x zipped side pockets with molle
    • 1 x large capacity internal pocket and sunglasses pocket
    • 1 x large zipped rear utility compartment
    • 2 x front Velcro ID panel
    • Made from 600D Tac-Poly
    • Dimensions: 54 x 45 x 30cm
















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