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Cadet Rucksack 60ltr

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The Kombat Cadet Rucksack is made from 600D Kodex water resistant material making it extremely lightweight and an ideal bag for cadet use.

Will you just LOOK at that price tag! A fantastically well sized and well manufactured piece of kit for the price. Not only well suited to cadets and outdoor enthusiasts, this 60 litre rucksack would also make a great piece for any festival goer. Not everyone wants to spend millions of pounds on a super hi-tech titanium framed space rocket rucksack...this one though , definitely sits on the frillier side of no frills rucksacks and that statement should NOT be taken as meaning it will fall apart within a week or 2. Far from it. Will it last you 10, 15 years? Probably not. Will it get you out of a tight spot? Yes. Will you regret you parted with money for it? 100% no.( now imagine a finger pointing downwards to its features below).


  • Features 2 x side pockets
  • 1 x top pocket
  • 1 x integral top pocket
  • 1 x zipped sleeping bag compartment
  • Single or twin compartment options
  • Built in waist strap
  • Includes specialist straps for carrying an entrenching tool
  • Made from 600D Tac-Poly
  • Dimensions: 67 x 40 x 25cm











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