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Bungee sling-single point-B.T.P. The idea of a rifle sling is to essentially give you support while USING your weapon and a little independence AWAY from it, for example by freeing up your hands to use your  secondary weapon or helping to carry the weight while you ARE using it. This is especially helpful during long airsoft matches or hunting trips when you're carrying your weapon for long periods. Breathe in and read.....

Single-point slings create a loop that goes over the head with the strap placed on your strong-side shoulder that runs diagonally across the body.  It usually attaches to the carbine with a quick-detach device. Your weapon will require a proper mount to attach this sling.

These types of slings keep the weapon facing towards the front, centerline of the body, making it easy for you to grip the rifle from its resting position. Aside from it being easy to put on and remove, the real strength of this design is that it makes switching the weapon from either shoulder easier. This feature makes it extremely popular among a vast swathe of sling users.

The downside is that the gun dangles freely when it is not held in place. When single-points are used on the move and not supported, they’ve been known to interfere with movement and potentially cause a trip hazard if it makes it way between your thighs. For those who need to carry their rifles for long stretches of time, you’ll want to know that single-points offer very little in terms of weight distribution, making them uncomfortable to use for long periods of time but great for a quick afternoon battle.

Good points-  Great for shoulder transitions; easy to use; quickly disconnects from the carbine.

Bad points-Weapon swings when not held in place, doesn't distribute weight well


• 30mm heavy duty nylon
• Sleeved internal bungee
• 14cm flex
• 3 x quick-release buckles
• 1 x covered covert weapons attachment buckle
• Fully adjustable sling












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