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Bungee sling-double point-Olive green

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Bungee sling-double point-olive green. The idea of a rifle sling is to essentially give you support while USING your weapon and a little independence AWAY from it, for example by freeing up your hands to use your  secondary weapon or helping to carry the weight while you ARE using it. This is especially helpful during long airsoft matches or hunting trips when you're carrying your weapon for long periods. Breathe in and read.....

The  two-point is probably the most popular style sling to use with carbines today.  Two-point slings differ from traditional types in that they have adjustment loops or features to quickly allow for length adjustment. They are connected at two points: one at the front and one on the stock of the carbine, either directly to the carbine or with quick-detach feature. Depending on your method of attachment, specialized sling mounts may be required. There are several ways you can wear a two-point sling, including over one shoulder, across the front of the body with the weapon resting diagonally on your back or across your body with the weapon on your front side.

Two-point slings really earn their money when used as shooting aids. Because they are designed for quick adjustment, they can be rapidly and effortlessly snugged tight to help brace the rifle to the shooter for a more stable shooting position, which can result in a more accurate shot. This style of sling doesn’t have many weaknesses except they do require the user to unsling when switching from the strong to weak side shoulder and vice versa.

Positives  Multiple methods of use, doubles as a shooting aid, comfortable extended carry.

Negatives  Must be unslung for transitional shoulder shooting


• 30mm heavy duty nylon
• 2 x sleeved internal bungees
• 14cm flex
• 2 x quick-release buckles
• 2 x D-ring attachments
• 2 x covered covert weapons attachment buckles
• Fully adjustable sling












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