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Boonie hat-Olive

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Boonie hat- Olive green. Taken from the style used by the U.S Army. Classic headwear! Boonie hat, bush hat ,bucket hat..this lil' fella has a few monikers. Whether your use for it is to deter the baking hot sun from your bonce( the brim is wide enough to ACTUALLY be effective and SHADE your face, while the light polycotton ripstop composition is light enough to stop your head over heating, especially when you consider it's also vented!)as a tactical piece of headgear for playing airsoft/mil-sim or just for a fashionable, stylish piece of up-top apparel, the U.S style boonie hat by Kombat Tactical should adorn every head and coat hook in the nation!


• Adjustable chin strap with webbing
• Polycotton ripstop