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Spec-ops UBACS-BTP Black. This is for the players...this is for the players. If you're lucky enough to be rippling with muscle,the ultra-flex material will show off the definition you've worked so hard to achieve. If you're a bit wobblier,it will hold it all in place but you can still play with the weight advantage and remember that there's just more of you to love!

Seriously tough,whatever your size or shape,the Spec-ops UBACS by Kombat Tactical has solved a couple of problems. One being baggy clothing that gets in the way,especially under the arms. If the sleeves are TOO baggy,they just keep on falling down and need readjusting when you roll them up.PAIN. IN .THE .ASS. Solved. Secondly,you will never have to worry about losing your elbow pads again because they're actually BUILT IN to the shirt( although they are removable!) The main body is also quick drying so great for those sweaty long matches but maybe carry a can'o'spray with you coz everyone knows it's the dried sweat that stinks. Two diagonal fast access utility pockets for keeping your tit bits too make this all in all a very handy piece of attire.


Removable armour elbow pads
Elasticated ultra-flex torso
2 x angled tactical utility arm pockets
2 x Velcro ID panels on sleeves
Ripstop polycotton sleeves and collar
Velcro cuffs
lightweight and fast drying













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