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The Kombat Spartan Plate Carrier is specifically designed to be a lightweight plate carrier with molle front and rear platforms to aid mobility in battle situations. Right....that's the basics done! From our experience in retail,this model has by far proved to be one of the more popular. Is its simplicity? Is it it's lightweight,low profile design? Is it the way the side panels have been removed to provide the wearer extra mobility,flexibility AND movement? Is it the quick release side buckles that,when unlocked, mean you can spin the carrier around your neck 180 degrees to access your back stash of ammo that is secured using the full molle platforms, then spin it around again,buckle up and your off? Or could it quite simply be the industry beating quality : price ratio? The mind really does boggle.

  • Fully adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Padded front and rear airtex molle panels
  • Velcro ID panel
  • Integral plate compartment
  • Quick-release buckle system
  • Made from 600D Tac-Poly







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